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Honor the spirit and legacy of your loved ones in a customized stone that captures the essence of a unique life. Personalized etchings are our specialty and we understand how important it is to deliver the highest quality stone to memorialize and celebrate life.

About Us

S.L. Garand has been dedicated to the granite business for over 90 years. Previously owned and operated by four generations of the Garand family, S.L. Garand is now owned and operated by Bob Dukette. Bob is a third generation granite worker who started under the wing of his Grandfather, Maynard "Duke" Dukette.

Our industry  background gives us an advantage when working with memorial dealers because we understand the entire process from stone selection, to manufacturing, etching, and delivery of a product to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality etchings in the industry. To meet our goal, we employ some of the best artisans in the industry.  Each artist is specialized in a particular design field, so anything you can possibly imagine will become a reality.

Our laser etcher is one of the first etchers in the granite industry to start using this technique. He has over 25 years of experience in etching and operating laser-etching machinery.  Over the years he’s refined his craft and can create indescribable custom scenes like no other. 

If you prefer a hand etching, we’re the company for you! We have artisans in-house that can create anything, from vehicles, biblical scenes, and wildlife to outdoor scenes, portraits, and much, much more.

Our portrait artist is recognized throughout the industry as one of the best, if not the best.  Replicating portraits from a photograph, she hand sketches them onto stone with unsurpassed excellence. 

If you’re looking for boats, motorcycles, trucks, cars, tractors, snowmobiles, ATV’s - basically anything with a motor - we’ve got the guy! His personal love and passion for these items is conveyed in his etchings. His attention to detail is astonishing. There’s no one else in the industry that comes a close second to the quality product he produces.

Would you like a home, farm, or outdoor scene? Once again, we have an etcher who specializes in these designs.  She grew up on a farm painting pictures of the animals and barn as a child.  As she grew and prospered, so did her paintings. Today she’s a master at creating farm scenes as well as home and garden scenes.  She’s created some of the best custom scenes known to our company.

Your etchings can be created in either black and white or color. We are the originators of the duracolor process, the coloring of etchings on black granite. Our reputation for this unique application is unmatched AND we offer a lifetime warranty on the color.  If the color on your memorial fades or wears from the environments abuse or any other reason, just send it back; we’ll repaint it for free.

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